Welcome to a Glorious New Year!

Who will you be, what will you have and what will you do?

This new year brings with it the promise for something different. It is a time for new beginnings, a time to take stock of what you have – and a time to choose what you want next.

I love New Years Eve! In my younger days, I loved it for the party I would attend, the friends I would see, the gourmet food and fancy drinks I would consume. I always had a good time but I also quite often over-indulged. On New Years Day, I made resolutions to drink less, eat better and exercise more. In the making of those resolutions, I believed I would reach them and keep them. But I rarely did.

These days, I celebrate the transition from one year to the next with quiet intention and a wholistic vision of what my life is, and, will become. This past New Years Eve, my husband and I sat together and wrote in our journals. We took a look at last year’s accomplishments and recorded them. Next, we wrote about what our desires are, both personally and professionally, for 2013. And then we read them to each other.

To write a vision of your own for 2013, follow these steps.
While doing this exercise, keep in mind that vision is always positive and future oriented. But first take a look back. When you focus on the positive things that you have already accomplished, you inspire and motivate yourself to imagine what more you want to experience. Answer both questions from three points of view.

  1. Who are you and what qualities do you want to grow?
    For example, last year I felt more fulfilled and satisfied with my life and business than ever before. This year, I will focus on a deeper ability to feel and express love.
  2. What do you have that serves you and what more do you want?
    For example, last year I bought a much needed new car that I love (a hybrid!) This year, I will focus on home improvements.
  3. What activities do you love expressing and what new activities do you want to experience?
    For example, last year, I expanded my business to include new programs and new streams of income. On New Years Eve, I stated the desire to develop and launch an educational component of my business. A few days later, I identified the project and began working on it right away.

Using the above as a guide, answer the following questions.

  1. What did I accomplish last year?
  2. What would I like to accomplish in 2013?
  3. Who will I have to become in order to be, have and do what my vision states?

…and go be that right now!