Walk Through the Door Towards Spiritual Mastery


When I was eight years old, I had my first spiritual “nudge”. I was outside by myself daydreaming. It was a beautiful sunny day and I noticed how big the sky was. As I was looking up I began to wonder about life. In that moment, I knew there was more to life than the adults around me were demonstrating. In my knowingness I wondered about myself. As I wondered about myself, I became certain that I was more and with that thought came a great feeling of anticipation.

On that day, long ago I stepped through a doorway and with little girl innocence and wonder, committed to becoming a Spiritual Master. I did not know at the time that I was committing to anything, let alone what IT was. I just know now, that it was a pivotal moment. Since then, I have become more and more aware and I have had many meaningful, expansive, and evolving experiences.

What do I mean by Spiritual Mastery?

To be spiritual is to be fully yourself and involves awakening to your divine self. To be a Master is to choose love above all else, and involves consciously evolving all aspects of your human self: emotional, mental and physical.

In the August newsletter, I posed a challenge and asked – “Are you ready to choose mastery?” Becoming a Spiritual Master is a bold undertaking which involves courage, perseverance, and trust. If you’re up for the challenge, know that you do not have to go it alone.

I can help you choose the steps you need to take that will be uniquely yours.

Based on experiences I have had on my own spiritual journey, I am positioned to be your Spiritual Mastery guide. I’m here to partner, coach, support, and mentor you as you evolve. The time is now. Will you choose it?

No matter where you are along your path, I coach the whole person and can focus with you on different aspects of Mastery: Life and Personal Evolution, Career Path Development, Relationships and Financial Abundance.

So, if you answered yes to becoming a Spiritual Master here are your first steps:

  1. To begin, you need to open the door. Say out-loud, “I AM a Spiritual Master and I invite experiences that will have me know myself and grow myself.”
  2. Next, you must walk through the door with a feeling of certainty and purpose. Visualize and feel it as if it were real.
  3. As you continue down your path, remember to stay conscious and evolve yourself. All experiences offer insight and growth. It’s easy to say yes, it’s not always easy to face the dark side of yourself and change. But change you must and it will involve changing your mind, your feelings, and your physical body.
  4. Build a daily meditation or prayer routine to express your gratitude, ask for what you want, and receive guidance. This does a number of things, it reminds you of your commitment, it focuses and qualifies your activities each day, and it supports you to change more easily.

So, the only question you need to ask yourself is this.
Am I ready to walk through the door towards Spiritual Mastery?
Begin the journey with me…