To Suffer and Struggle is a Choice.

There is a belief that says in order to have or live a noble life, one must suffer and struggle. Do you know that to suffer and struggle involves YOU choosing it?

This is not to say that there is not a lot wrong with the world. Look around you and you will see much dis-harmony and dis-ease in others and the environment. My point is this, life is dynamic – always changing and circumstances often occur outside of our control. When something happens that creates dis-pleasure in our experience, we get to choose how to respond. If you want to respond by suffering and struggle, by all means, go ahead and make that choice. Just know that it is a choice.

Recently I had an experience which immediately created dis-pleasure for me. My grown daughter shared with me an experience she had as a very little girl. The experience was traumatic for her and it changed her. She depended on me for her safety and I did not keep her safe. When I learned about the event I felt immediate shock and grief. And, in that moment I had this thought, ‘I did not know and in my not knowing – I was not there to help her. I know now and I choose to be here for her now.’ Then I made a conscious choice and it was this, ‘I will experience the grief of this deeply, completely and quickly and then I will be present for my daughter as she heals this traumatic experience for herself.’

So, I made a conscious choice and then, I followed it with specific action which supported me to have what I intended. In one short week, I experienced the grief deeply and completely AND I released it. Since then, I have been able to support my daughter in her conscious choice to fully release the traumatic event and all the dis-ease in her life that was caused by the experience.

Each spring brings the promise of new life, renewal and resurrection.

What will you choose for yourself this spring?

If you choose to consciously respond to all of the circumstances in your life, this exercise will support you.

Each time you experience a circumstance that causes dis-pleasure, rather than reacting in your usual way, do the following:

  1. Notice what is happening in your body, in your feelings and in your thoughts.
  2. Take a deep breath.
  3. Ask yourself this question, “How do I WANT to respond to this?”
  4. Take ALL the time you need and make a conscious choice.
  5. Choose the action(s) that will then support you to have the experience that you want to have.