The Source of Your Abundance

Last month’s newsletter, The Flow of Abundance, introduced the idea that your abundance is spiritual in nature. I got quite a bit of feedback on the topic, so I thought I’d use this month’s Newsletter to continue the conversation.

Your source of abundance is not your pay check or your clients or your spouse. Your source of abundance is God.

So what does it mean if you are a good person, you lead a decent life, you believe in God AND your experience with money is that you barely or never have enough? It means that you, like many, learned to believe that God is a withholding God.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that you believe in God, you pray to God for more money and you consistently experience not getting more money. Your experience is thus because God does not register anything that is less than perfection. If you send a prayer to God that includes any fear of lack or limitation, it won’t change your experience of lack or limitation. Instead it will create more lack and limitation. If you want to change your experience with money you will need to change your mind and feelings about you and money. But before you do that it might help to understand the mechanics of receiving what you want.

There is a mechanics to receiving any kind of supply whether that supply is money, good health, a vacation or a new car. The mechanics of abundance includes God (your source), your mind, your feelings, and your physical actions. In other words when you receive what you want, you have successfully utilized an integrative approach that includes your spirit, mind, feelings and your physical body. By the way the majority of people do so unconsciously.

This is how it works. First, you have the idea of something that you desire. Second, you decide you will have it. Next your feelings come into play. If your feelings are positively certain that you can and will have what you desire, it will register with God. By the way, feelings like happiness and love make the biggest impact on attracting abundance. Your feelings become like a magnet, magnetizing out from you in all directions. “The magnet” then, brings opportunities that will give you what you have decided you will have. The opportunities might include people, places and/or things. Your mind will get involved again as you discern what to do with the opportunities and finally, your physical body gets involved as you respond to the opportunities that you choose.

And, what is the biggest thing that keeps you from having what you want? You are! If you are not getting what you say you want, your feelings have disagreed with your desire. When this happens, the magnet sends out – in all directions – what you are feeling and guess what? If you feel fear that you will not get what you want, you will not only, not get what you want, you will also experience more fear about what you are and are not getting.

To be a master of financial abundance you need to consciously engage in the mechanics of abundance. Also, you will need to unravel and re-program your thoughts and feelings of lack and limitation.

Here are the steps that will support your mastery of abundance:

  1. Build the habit of being happy and loving your life. Each morning talk to God. First express your gratitude, blessings and love. Next, say out loud the qualities that you wish to experience today (i.e. joy, love, productivity.) Repeat this as often as it occurs to do so, throughout the day.
  2. Dream about what you desire. Journaling is a great way to get clear about what you want.
  3. Decide you will have what you want. Speak it out loud to yourself and write about it in your journal in a positive and claiming manner.
  4. Discover the obstacles that are in your way. As you are imagining and claiming what you want, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. If you hear any negative thoughts write them down. If you have struggled with your abundance, you quite likely suffer from self-limiting beliefs about yourself and/ or money. Self-limiting beliefs can be changed but thinking alone will not un- do them. There are techniques that are very effective in changing self-limiting beliefs. PSYCH-K® is the technique I use.
  5. Pay attention and get into action. Choose and act on the opportunities as you move toward the goal.