The Path of the Evolutionary Leader

Life is Change – How do you want to experience yours?

No matter how prepared, on top of things, and enlightened you are, when it comes to change you are either creating it yourself or the change is being created by something or someone and you are at the affect of it. I don’t know about you but I’d much rather be the one creating it! However, that is not always the case. So, what do you do when you are not in control of the situation? Well, if you want the best outcome possible – the only thing you can do – is to CHOOSE to respond wisely.

A few years ago I experienced an event in my personal life that was harder than anything I could have previously imagined for myself. Within my experience many things happened that were totally outside of my control. I could not do a damn thing about it – like it or not my life was changing dramatically. It was almost as if the change had a life of its own and I was just there for the ride. But on the ride, I had a choice in the matter and my choice was to decide how to respond.

So, at every juncture along the way I very consciously chose my response. My life changed quickly and I knew there would be no going back and at some point I had an awareness. I realized I could choose to re-create my self and re-create my life, by bringing the BEST me forward into my new life…whatever my new life was going to be.

Now that I am safely and soundly through that experience I am able to look back with new eyes and see what I did well, what I missed, what I could have done better. And, overall I give myself an A. Not that I did it perfectly – there is no such thing. But I did do it with grace, love, and acceptance for myself and the others that were on the journey with me.

These are the lessons I learned:

  • The only way to get to the other side of a challenge is…through it. There is no going around it, there is no avoiding it. Know that going through it is extremely uncomfortable, BUT the more you fully experience all aspects of your challenge, the more you will grow from it.
  • The process of moving through it will be helped by you taking really good care of yourself. In fact, if you already have a baseline of self care and you are in crisis you will need to increase your baseline of self care.
  • Taking care of yourself must be addressed given all four aspects of you; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Self care in all four ways must be done everyday.
  • Accept what is and just simply experience it. The saying, ‘what you resist persists’ is cliché but true. Rather than resist it, relax into it. Relaxing into it means when you feel sad – be sad, when you feel angry – be angry, when you feel regretful – be regretful. Accept and relax and your way will be easier and quicker.
  • And finally, life is about change. You do not have to wait for crisis to bring the BEST you forward into your life.

Who are you at your best? How will you bring your best forward today?