Dear Suzanne,

1Though we haven’t even reached the halfway point yet, 2010 has proven to be a powerful year for me in terms of both my personal and professional learning and evolution. One result is that I have FINALLY embraced social networking. So…here I am! This newsletter is the first among many actions on my new marketing path.

Each month I will send you a brief leadership tip that is intended to be both practical and inspiring. I begin with the importance of being a leader.

What kind of leader are you? What is a leader?

There are many definitions of leadership, some very beneficial, some not so much. Too many leaders are dependant upon followers, rather than partners. My work is all about leadership as partnership. I for one, am not a follower. And I suspect that if you are still reading this, you are not a follower either. But, I am a leader; a leader looking to partner with others and support them on their own path to leadership.

Leaders have impact.

We impact each other and our environment by simply being who we are and by becoming more of who we are. This definition embraces the idea that each of us is responsible for living our lives well…for creating a life we love every day. Whether your life includes being a CEO, small business owner, parent, partner, entrepreneur, executive, employee, or team member – being a leader takes clarity, commitment and a desire to evolve. In this way, you become the best you…you can possibly be.

The world today offers much uncertainty. We can choose to be at the affect of this uncertainty, or we can choose to be part of the evolution that helps create the world that we want to live in. What you want is important. Your pursuing what you want can impact the world, no kidding.

You might wonder how one person can make a difference. When you become all of who you are…your thoughts, words, and actions impact everyone and everything around you.

Being a leader is you choosing to be conscious of the impact you are having on the world around you…every day.

Begin each day with these questions…

  1. What kind of day do I want to have today?
  2. What impact do I want to have on the people I interact with today?
  3. What impact do I want to have on my environment today?

…and then go and live your day well.