Saying YES to Your Life

Just about the time I thought I had it all figured out, life threw me a curve ball…and, I said YES!

I have been a coach for eleven years now. As I have grown myself, my coaching practice has grown and changed. For more than a year now I have known that some change was about to come into my life, one which would be reflected in my business. And although I’ve known “it” was coming, the clarity and certainty needed in order to move it forward took time to unfold.

Have you ever known a change was coming before it arrived? How do you navigate life until you reach certainty? Until you know a thing, there is nothing to act on. However, there are ways to support yourself along the way.

It starts with being consciously connected to the natural flow of your life and that takes trust, patience, and commitment. Trust that you will know more as time goes on, patience to let it unfold as it will, and commitment to reach and live your highest potential. For me, connecting with the natural flow of my life is very deeply rooted in my spirituality as it involves being in connection with and trusting my own Divine Inner Wisdom and being in communication with my intuition.

Is change in the air for you? Are you ready to connect with the natural flow of your life? The following exercise will support you:

  • Set aside time each day for silence – 10 minutes minimum.
  • Choose a place that is private and conducive for meditation.
  • Settle into your seat.
  • Breathe deeply as you center and calm your mind, feelings, and body.
  • In your imagination, go into the center of your heart and breathe.
  • Imagine expanding from your heart in all directions.
  • Now imagine there is a sacred space in your heart, in which you will receive guidance.
  • In this space, drop a question.
  • “What does my life want for me now?”
  • Hold the question in your sacred heart space, focusing on it for a few moments.
  • Feel your heart enfolding the question and expanding out with the question.
  • Feel grateful that your answer is fulfilled (It is very important to feel that it is fulfilled now.)
  • Complete your meditation and go about the activities of your day.
    Do not stress about the answer coming, know that it will come in its own time.
  • Pay attention to thoughts, ideas and inspirations that present themselves because your answer will come and it will be up to you to hear it.

Say YES to the natural flow of your life!

Watch for more articles on the change itself.