The Quest to BECOME

I am a seeker of truth. As I look back over my life, I would say I began searching for spiritual answers when I was 8 years old. Since then, I have had many moments of questions, research, discoveries, traumatic events which inspired me to look within and above for answers, as well as mystical experiences. Fifteen years ago I was introduced to the Ascended Master Teachings and the introduction and the study that ensued helped me find the path that I am firmly on today. What I know now, is that my spiritual path is the Path of BECOMING.

Who AM I? Who is God? What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of MY life?

I have learned from the Ascended Master Teachings that I AM is the name of God. I AM is the name of The Infinite Mother/Father God, who created us. I AM is the name of the Individualized God Presence that lives above us. I AM is the name that I call myself and it represents a flame that resides within my physical heart. I AM is God in action.

God is everywhere, within us and outside of us. Yet, we humans have forgotten the truth of who we are and that God is within us. In our attempt to understand, we have externalized God and humanized God. So, if the truth is I AM GOD, how did we get so far away from the truth?

To be continued…

Are you on The PATH of BECOMING?

This exercise will support you

  • Set aside 30 minutes each day for your spiritual practice.
  • Create a sacred space. It can be anywhere and it needs to be where you will not be interrupted or distracted. You will want to sit or lie comfortably. You may choose to include music. You may choose to set a timer so that you do not have to wonder about time.
  • Get comfortable and begin by placing your right hand over your heart. Now, imagine a tiny flame within your heart and pour your love to the flame. Know that this flame is the Presence of God that lives within you.
  • As you focus on the flame, begin to imagine that your heart flame is pouring love to the Presence of God that lives all around and above you. Imagine love flowing from your heart.
  • Now talk to God and express what is in your heart. First speak the gratitude you feel. Next, claim the life you desire to live and specifically claim what you desire to experience during your day.
  • When you have said everything you want to say, be silent and still until the timer buzzes. This is very important because it is in the silence and stillness that you will be filled with the Presence of God.
  • After the timer buzzes, go about your day and every time your thoughts return to the Presence of God, place your hand on your heart and send a wave of love.