I AM Light & I AM Love

In my twenties, I learned to meditate. Early on I had a hard time clearing and keeping my mind free of distraction. One day I asked a friend who was farther along in his practice of meditation what he did to stay focused. He suggested that I choose a word or simple phrase to repeat during my meditation. He said that using a mantra will help me clear the unwanted thoughts and keep me focused. As I looked for the words that I would use, this phrase popped into my mind: “I am light and I am love.” Feeling that the phrase was intuitive, that it did not come from me but rather to me from a higher source, I decided to go with it and it has been my daily mantra ever since.

Today, I call that phrase a higher truth. What began as a simple mantra became the foundation for my personal and spiritual evolution. Using the mantra on a regular basis, grew my capacity to hold more and more light and more and more love.

Do you know that you are the greatest light and love of your life? Do you know that, the more light and love you give yourself, the more light and love you will hold? Do you know that, the more light and love you hold the more light and love you will spread to others and the world around you?

Celebrate this Valentines Day by filling yourself with light and love.
It will be one of the best gifts you will ever give…(to yourself as well as to others.)

Here is an exercise that will help you get started:

  1. Set aside at least 10 minutes each day to sit in silence. Your intuition lives and thrives in the silence. It is in silence that you will tap into possibilities, opportunities and higher truths.
  2. Repeat the mantra, “I am light and I am love.” This mantra will help you clear and focus your mind, allowing better access to silence. It will also focus and support an internal activity that will support your personal and spiritual evolution.
  3. Keep a journal, recording the changes you notice a long the way.