I AM Consciousness

Consciousness can be defined in two ways.

First, there is Divine Consciousness which is the infinite, creative force of our Universe. This is the true essence of life and the truth of who we are. It is both inside as well as outside of us, it connects us with everything there is, it is the source of our intuition and abundance. Divine consciousness can be divided into two parts, mind and heart. It provides perfection whereby Divine Mind conceives everything we desire, Divine Heart fulfills everything we conceive.

So, what gets in the way of experiencing this promise of perfection?

The human condition does! It is held in place by human consciousness, also known as mass consciousness. Human Consciousness can be divided into three parts: the mind, emotions, and the physical body. Human consciousness keeps us separated from our Divine Consciousness because it is steeped in a belief in lack, limitation and duality. Imagine if you will, multiple veils comprised of discord draped over each of us. Examples of duality thinking are, good versus evil, love versus hate, right versus wrong, have versus have not, better than versus less than. Because we believe in duality, we act as if we are less than we really are.

There is a movement happening on earth where people are beginning to discover the truth of who they are (self-realization) and become the truth of who they are (self-actualization). Each person’s journey is unique but ultimately it must include the unraveling and releasing of the self-limiting beliefs held within our human consciousness. As we release the ‘gunk’ of duality we are able to expand and open the way to experience our Divine Consciousness.

Are you ready to release the gunk and expand your consciousness?

The following exercise will support you.

  1. Become the ‘observer’ of your own human consciousness. Eckhart Tolle introduced this term and concept in The Power of Now. Being the observer involves:
    1. Be Aware – catch yourself every time you engage in criticism, condemnation, judgment, blame or gossip.
    2. Respond – observe your behavior as well as the behavior of others with no judgment.
    3. Consider scheduling an appointment with a coach who offers consciousness releasing and expanding techniques. To learn about the techniques I use read about Access Bars® and PSYCH-K®. Also, see the upcoming event below – Access Bars & Coaching session.