Be in the flow of your own abundance

There is a Natural Law of Abundance and it is an in and out flow consisting of equal parts giving and receiving. Most often we exchange money for products and services. Money is energy, it is neither good nor bad – it is simply a system that we humans created as a means of exchange.

Yet, if you are like most the meaning you hold for money is at best contradictory and confusing. Know that the contradictions commonly held about money are human made, they are not the truth, and you can change it for yourself.

The key to accessing your abundance is to learn how to live life from the inside out. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Most of us learned from a very young age how to live from the outside in which is to say choices we made have been based on external guidance, confirmation, and rewards. Conversely, living from the inside out is to shift your focus to the inside of you which is to go inside for guidance, confirmation, and rewards.

How do you do this? Take a silent moment each day to go inside of yourself and connect with your feelings. The feelings you want to connect with come from within your heart and are feelings such as love, joy, peace, harmony, desire. Begin to practice just connecting and see what happens over time. If you do this and consistently follow the steps below, you will be on your way to shifting your experience with money.

Make more money easily by following these steps:

    1. Know what you want – Everything begins with a thought and the clearer and more specific the thought or idea is, the easier it will be to find its way to you. Visualize what you want and feel it as if it is already yours. And very important, feel grateful that it is already done.
    2. Knowing why you want it – What you want, must be tied to a bigger reason. And the bigger reason is anything that truly makes your heart sing!
    3. Action – we are here to be in action so there will be active ways in which you will create what you want and as long as you are tuned into your natural flow of life, you will know what there is to do in any given moment, on any given day.
    4. Let it go – Trust that it is on its way and will reach you in perhaps surprising ways and in its own time.


  • Give

– Tithe literally means 10% and it is an ancient way to give. Give to any person, place or organization that feeds your soul. There is not a direct correlation between where you give and where you receive, therefore know that when you give 10% you will receive back 10 fold!

  • Receive – When you receive any amount of good, receive it with gratitude.


Are you ready to live your life from the inside out AND access your abundance?
Start today!