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The Gift of Feeling

Much of the coaching work I do involves past emotional traumas that interfere with a person's ability to be authentic, joyful and successfully engaged in life. To that end, I have a huge array of coaching tools to aid each individual's unique process. Two years ago I added an amazing natural product - doTERRA® Essential Oils, to my coaching tool kit. Not only do doTERRA Essential Oils support health of the physical body, they also support emotional well-being, mental clarity and focus, and spiritual connection. Little did I know that this product would offer deep healing within my own family.

Here's what happened. In May of 2012, I gave my daughter an essential oil called Whisper™, which she began to use daily. Whisper is a doTERRA essential oil blend known as The Oil of Femininity. With consistent use, she started to release physical symptoms that she had experienced since childhood. First, her nightmares subsided along with the insomnia she had lived with since her childhood. She began using more essential oils and her headaches, migraines and chronic pain went away. However, as the physical symptoms disappeared she could no longer avoid the emotional pain that she had kept 'at bay' since the age of three. With the support of the oils and with great courage, my daughter faced the emotional trauma that she alone, had carried for 23 years.

When you experience a traumatic event - there are painful emotions that are attached to the event. If the event is not healed completely at the moment that it occurs, the pain gets buried, repressed and stored in your body. Over time the unexpressed emotional pain will turn into physical symptoms, like head aches. Each time a physical symptom occurs it is the body's way of telling you that there is something that needs to be addressed. Symptoms that are ignored grow and spread - leading to more symptoms. Most of us do not ignore symptoms on purpose. Sometimes we do not understand what the symptoms are trying to tell us and other times we don't have the skills or tools to effectively address the pain that lies beneath.

The physical symptoms attached to emotional trauma do serve a purpose. They keep us safe and distracted from the truth until we are ready to face the original event. When we choose to heal our physical symptoms - if they are there because of an unresolved traumatic event - as the physical symptoms leave, the emotions attached to the unresolved event will re-occur in order to be healed. In order to release and heal an emotional trauma you must begin by allowing yourself to feel the pain that you have avoided.

Are you holding on to physical symptoms? Are you ready to release them? Are you willing to feel your way through it?

This holiday season give yourself the gift of feeling.

This simple exercise will support your healing journey.

  1. Identify your feelings by asking yourself, "What am I feeling in this moment?" If you are like most, you have learned how to not feel your feelings so well that it's hard to even identify them. Choose a few times per day to spend a moment tuning in to WHAT (not how) you are feeling. You might choose first thing in the morning, lunchtime and bedtime.
  2. Get to know your feelings. Once you have tuned in, spend another moment just feeling what it feels like. Where in your body do you feel the feeling? If your feeling had a color, what color would it be? If your feeling had a shape, what shape would it be? If your feeling could talk, what would it tell you? Notice the distractions that occur while you are tuned in to your feelings.
  3. Accept your feelings. This part of the exercise is best completed when you are experiencing an upset. Feel the feelings that come up and allow yourself to simply be with your feelings. There is nothing to do, but feel. With practice you will be able to accept your feelings and be with them until they subside. With acceptance, even challenging feelings can be experienced with ease.
  4. Learn from your feelings. When you have learned not to repress, blame someone else, or judge, there is so much your feelings can teach you about yourself and how to gracefully navigate life.
  5. Consider the healing support of doTERRA Essential Oils.
  6. Consider the support of a coach.* It is not always easy to see the truth when you are in the 'throws' of emotional trauma and upset. A coach can support you through it with greater ease.

*A gift from me to you this holiday season, a FREE coaching session.

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