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October 2013   


I am not interested in hearing 'your' story. I am, however, very interested in knowing you and connecting deeply with who you are - the real you. This wasn't always the case; in fact, I used to love hearing peoples stories and the juicier the better because I believed that sharing and listening to stories was a way to help one another. Why did I change my mind? Because, I've seen in myself and others that re-living our stories, creates a pattern of victimization. Caroline Myss, author of Why People Don't Heal, refers to the behavior as 'woundology'. Engaging in 'woundology' is to define ourselves by the bad things that have happened to us.

That said - the experiences that make up our lives are rich in information and gifts and when we choose to hold them as such, they support our growth and evolution.

Recently a friend shared her story with me. She did not include gory details, nor did she express herself as a victim. She simply shared facts about her past. The story she told me was of a little girl (herself) and her sisters who grew up with horrible and blatant sexual abuse. As she completed the telling she said, "And that was how I learned to love. Everyday through my childhood I said to myself, 'God, help me love more today that yesterday".

Her daily prayer which began around the age of seven helped her face each day. It kept her emotionally healthy, it kept her in choice and out of being a victim and it led her to understand what it means to love...really and truly love. I'm not talking about human love. Human love has conditions, it can be needy or with holding, one day it's good and the next it's bad. Human love is not real love.

I'm talking about Divine Love.

So, what is Divine Love? The Ascended Masters teach that love is the one and only true law of life and without it, we would not exist. They teach that love is a presence, a principle, an intelligence. They say that love is light; a substance, an activity, and a power.

Will you love more today than yesterday?
If you answer yes, accept this 30 day challenge.

Commit to Love for 30 days.
And this is what I invite you to do:

  • During your daily meditation or prayer practice, include the following statement, "Dear God*, help me love more today than yesterday". If you do not currently have a meditation practice, now is a great time to start. If you do not want to start one, simply ask the question each day. The best time is first thing in the morning.
  • Next, close your eyes, and draw your attention to your heart. Imagine and feel your heart filling with love, imagine and feel your love expanding in all directions.
  • Be aware of what happens, you might want to keep a journal for the month.
  • Consider registering for my upcoming teleclass Your Spiritual Development - Knowledge, Tools & Practice. It is all about love!
* If you are uncomfortable using the term God, use what resonates for you. You may use instead, 'The Presence', Life, Nature, The Universe, The Holy Spirit. Use whatever you most respond to.

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