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September 2013   

Creating a Better Being a Better Me

In the fall of 2001 I was struggling in a number of ways, I had launched my coaching business and it was not going as I had hoped. I felt discouraged, unsatisfied with my life in general and desperate to change. So I called my coach for support and the solution he offered was one I had heard before. It was to enroll in an intensive personal growth - therapy program called The Hoffman Quadrinity Process (link to the resource on my website).

Previously, I had disregarded this suggestion for what I told myself were valid reasons - not enough time and not enough money. Of course, just below my excuses lurked a limiting belief that I did not deserve to have the money or the time to something great...just for me. Anyway, on this particular coaching call, my real (Divine) self must have been in charge because I answered yes. There was still an investment of time and money so I told my coach I would have to work out the details with my family first, and I agreed to register the following Tuesday morning.

Well...Tuesday, was September 11, 2001.

Like others, in shock, fear and disbelief, I watched the day's events unfold. In the early afternoon, I remembered the commitment I had made to myself and I placed the call. I told the woman on the other end of the phone why I was calling and that I felt selfish for doing so during a time of national crisis. And she responded by saying, "Suzanne, if everyone on the planet were to commit to being a better human being, like you are today, we would not have events like this anywhere in the world."

Creating a better world requires individuals choosing to be better. Here is how it works. In order to change our external experience and environment, we need to change our internal experience and environment. As we change internally, the external changes begin to occur, the evident external changes then impact and influence others and others begin to change. Making yourself a better you is a gift given first to you and then it gives to others...exponentially.

Will you commit to being a better you? If so, it begins with self-care.

The following steps will support you.

  1. Each day take care of your physical self.
    1. Your physical self wants balance and health. Simple examples of physical self-care include, eating healthy foods, drinking fresh water and regular exercise.
  2. Each day take care of your emotional self.
    1. Your emotional self wants honest, respectful and responsible expression. A simple example of daily emotional self-care is to keep a gratitude journal.
  3. Each day, take care of your mental self.
    1. Your mental self wants to be stimulated with knowledge and learning. Simple examples of daily mental self-care include reading an inspiring book or learning a new skill.
  4. Each day, take care of your spiritual self.
    1. Your spiritual self wants to connect with the Divine. A simple example of daily spiritual self-care is to spend time in silent meditation.
  5. Lear more about self-care care by joining me and Spiritual Coach, Brenda DeCroo, on September 9, for The Ultimate Self-care Workshop. Details are below!

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